Friday Knights #20 (5/8/15)

We had the biggest turnout for our biweekly Friday Knights tournament with 15 participants competing in the inaugural FCA Championship Trophies Series!
There were three sections: Open Section – Average USCF 1304, Quad Section 2 – USCF 500 to 1100, and Swiss Section 3 – USCF 550 and below.

Each section winner was awarded a Friday Knights Champion trophy and will begin their quest to win the Friday Knights “4x Champion” and “8x Champion” trophies.



The Open Section featured two of our up-and-coming young players/brothers, Marcus Peng and Derrick Peng, Wayne Philips (whom recently won the Western Pacific Open Unrated Section at the Hilton Irvine), and Orange County chess club regular Curtis Ain. Marcus Peng won the section with a perfect score of 3 points out of 3 rounds and broke USCF 1500 for the first time in his chess career. Derrick Peng scored 2 points out of 3 and broke 1300, also setting his highest USCF rating.

Below is the 1st round game between Marcus and Curt:

Marcus Peng vs. Curtis Ain


With a perfect score of 3 points, Ram Rao won the second section – a “Quad” of 4 players rated between USCF 500 and 1100. And last but not least, five and almost a half year old Alex Cartee won the third section – a “Swiss” section of 7 players all rated USCF 550 and below – also with a perfect score of 3 points!

Detailed results/updated ratings can be found on the USCF MSA here.

After the tournament, all the participants enjoyed a pizza dinner (graciously donated by lawyer-turned-chess-student Wayne Philips) and got in a few blitz and bughouse games.


Pizza Dinner!


Good job to all the participants who competed in Friday Knights #20. The goal of Friday Knights is to provide players with the opportunity to have fun competing with challenging competition and to encourage every student to realize their mistakes and what they can improve upon for the future. We hope to see you back for our next Friday Knights on Friday May 22nd (a great warm-up to the Memorial Day Classic Scholastics held the next day)!

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