Class Levels

Pawns (0-199) = Beginner Sessions (Intro to Chess)
Knights (200-499) = Intermediate Sessions (Tactics & Strategy)
Bishops (500-799) = Intermediate Sessions (Tactics & Strategy)
Rooks (800-1199) = Advanced Sessions (Openings & Endgame)

Queens & Kings (1200+) = Advanced Sessions (Tournament Prep)
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Our method incorporates three blocks:

1) Instructional Block – Students will learn a specific strategy, tactic, or technique appropriate for the class level. Students are encouraged to ask questions and suggest ideas during the lesson.

2) Puzzle Block – Each student will receive chess puzzles to improve their problem-solving and pattern recognition skills. Coaches will help guide students through the problems and offer instant feedback.

3) Practical Block – Students gain practical experience using their newly learned strategies, tactics, and techniques and play practice games with the other students in the class. Coaches will pair students that will challenge to ensure each student receives the appropriate challenge. Students are encouraged to practice good sportsmanship and a learning attitude.