Learning Ranks

Each unique session builds upon a student’s foundation by learning key concepts via the instructional lesson and by integrating those ideas immediately by solving tactical puzzles and playing practice games.

Students may advance to their next learning rank through puzzle-based testing and by competing in US Chess rated tournaments such as Friday Knights and Tournament of Champions.


Session Structure

• Instructional Lesson

Students follow a curriculum-based approach and learn specific strategies, tactics, and techniques each session. Students are constantly encouraged to ask questions and suggest ideas during the lesson.

• Puzzle Solving

Students receive chess puzzle worksheets to improve their problem-solving and pattern recognition skills. Coaches help guide students through the problems and offer instant feedback.

• Practice Games

Students test their abilities using their newly learned strategies, tactics, and techniques. Coaches appropriately pair students to ensure a challenge. Students are required to practice good sportsmanship and adopt a disciplined, learning attitude.