Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1: I want my son/daughter to learn chess, how do I get started?
A #1: For complete beginners, we recommend at least one private lesson to learn the essential rules and basics of chess. Your student would then be placed into one of our chess classes: Beginner Pawn, Intermediate Knight or Advanced Rook Chess Classes.

Q #2: Which class is suitable for my child?
A #2: We offer Assessment Lessons for students who may have prior experience with chess but would like a refresher on the fundamentals of the game. Our experienced chess coaches will find an appropriate class that will most help the student moving forward in their chess development. If your student has a US Chess Federation rating, our class rating ranges are as follows: Pawn = USCF 100-400, Knight = 400-700, Rook = 700 and above, and Tactics = 400 and above.

Q #3: How does the pricing work?
A #3: Classes are purchased in either packages of 4 classes or 10 classes. 10-Class Packages are good for up to 90 days. We also offer Premium Memberships, which grants the holder to unlimited classes and tournaments. Private Lessons and Assessment Lessons start at $45/hour.

Q#4: How can I register for a class or schedule a private lesson?
A#4: You may register directly on our website or drop by before a scheduled class. Please check the calendar to make sure we are holding class that day. Use the contact form or call (714) 584-9408 to schedule a private lesson with one of our coaches.

Q#5: Do you offer any tournaments?
A#5: Yes we currently offer tournaments every other Friday called Friday Knights. Students are placed in an appropriate section based on rating/level and compete for trophies and prizes. We also schedule regular matches against local chess clubs.

Q#6: How can I learn about other tournaments in the area?
A#7: We send out regular updates to our students about upcoming events and tournaments in the Southern California area. We have a club team that travels and competes together at major tournaments. Most recently, our FCA team won the prestigious 2015 US Team West Scholastic Championships in February with a perfect 5-0 score.

Q#7: Who are the chess instructors?
A#8: USCF National Chess Master Derek Tan and USCF Candidate Master Jared Tan are the chess coaches at Fundamental Chess Academy. Both coaches have tremendous passion for teaching and sharing their vast knowledge of chess with young players and adults alike. Together, they strive to build a strong foundation of chess skills for every one of their students and to also emphasize how learning and playing chess has positively affected their lives on and off the board.