Private lessons are offered online using a combination of and Skype:

• Student registers for a free membership account (Premium memberships also available).

• I will set up a virtual Analysis Board, which both the teacher and student have access to move the pieces, create annotations, and use the chat box for notes.

• The advantage of online lessons would be the ease of analyzing positions and games, as they can be loaded within seconds using chess formatting files (FENs and PGNs).

• Lesson times are much more flexible. Morning, afternoon, or evening time slots are available.

• I can track my student’s progress easily using the rating system, Tactics Trainer and student’s game archive. This will allow me to pinpoint the student’s weaknesses, which in turn, will accelerate the student’s growth.


1. One-time trial lesson $50

2. 5-Lesson Package $225

3. 10-Lesson Package $400